hi Mrs.Nina i hope you don’t mind me emailing you I’m sub to you on the YT and i love how real you are i sent a friend invite my YT name is i really need your advice so bad i have never talked about this with anyone but i feel you will tell me the Truth so here i go i have been married to my husband for 12 years i got married very young at 21 about 5 years ago my sister was asleep on my sofa and i was asleep in my bedroom my husband got of work early that night we were all still asleep so my sister comes and wakes me up and tells me that he just tried to pull down her pants i was hurt ,mad,all those things i tore up almost everything in the house and i left him.but Mrs.Nina about 1 week later i went back because i love him so much but everyday i think about it sometimes i cant stand to even look at him and i cry still all the time about it i also feel that my sister thinks i love him more because i went back i want to leave for good so bad but i love him and i have a son with him Mrs.Nina just tell me what you think about this sorry for the long email i just had to tell someone and i trust you please do a video on the YT and please don’t use my real name PS. my sister was 15 thank you so much

*** Oscar winner Martin Landau,”Queer as Folk’s” Gale Harold and “General Hospital’s” Blake Gibbons *** The fateful reunion of four brothers quickly dissolves into a night of drinking, deceit, perversions, and death. They don’t realize until it is too late that the party they are having is, in fact, a wake. Sebastiean (Oscar winner Martin Landau) sits hunched over a typewriter, typing out his demons. As he types, we are transported to a time he has suppressed. A time when, after years of separation, he and his three brothers reunite. As their mother lie motionless upstairs, two sets of brothers with two opposing plans collide: one plan, to end their mother’s suffering; the other, a search for their father’s insurance money. Kyle (“Queer as Folk’s” Gale Harold), the youngest brother, grapples with his sanity and Sebastiean’s deadly plan as their two brothers, Raymond, an escaped convict (“General Hospital’s” Blake Gibbons), and his sidekick Jack (John Winthrop Philbrick) descend upon the house with party girls (Dusty Paik and Rainer Judd), guns and booze. Buttons are pushed, substances get abused and plans go awry leading ultimately to complete chaos.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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33 Responses to “help a sister out my husband tried to fuck my sister”

  • mmone1178:

    I agree with sexxxyyeye34, six feet under and pinelawn cemetery here we come. What a nightmare!

  • sexxxyeye34:

    Sentence that booty bandit to death! My next email would read “muchluv do you happen to know of any undertakers giving discounts on burying low life mutha fuckas! Perhaps u could do a coffin haul of some sort or maybe a coffin giveaway. I would greatly appreciate it! Thank u! Inmate 86 that bitch.”

  • damitalj:

    I feel 4 her family bc she did choose him over what is right.N she knows he did it or else she wouldn’t have tore her own stuff up.I agree that she needs 2 get some counseling along w her sister.As long as she stays w him she condones his behavior n she must know that he has done this b4 or after this.If the staute of limits has not run out then she should,along w her sister, press charges n stick him under the jail!! What about LOVING YOURSELF!!!!!

  • angelicwarrior31:

    yes she shouldn’t have went back no dick is that good!!!!

  • yzzx2:

    So profoundly sad.


    I’m so mad you said if you walk in & he is effing an effing GOAT! hahahahahaha. This is a mess, but yeah, ole’ girl better gear up to divorce this guy. I wonder how does the sister feel about all of this. This is a whole mess.

  • purpleindigoviolet:

    She needs to leave him. I knew of a married guy that had a history of messing with 13, 14 & 15 year old girls. Everybody told her each time it happened. Even her young cousin told her that he tried to mess with her…she did nothing. She never believed anyone who told her about what her husband was doing. About a year ago he raped his brothers 16 year old daughter. It took that…for her to leave him.

  • ladyEulaelie:

    Why is that even a question? Why I’m having to ask if that question is even a question? P.S. she is 15? Like that is just a little piece of extra info….really?

  • egiggles79:

    Debbie is in love with a pedophile. She might not like what she hear but she should’ve handled that shit correctly 5yrs ago when it happened. Ain’t no fuckin way I would have went back with him but her sister has every right to feel the way he feel. She better leave him now before he end up in front of a middle school picking out his next victim.

    Giggs :)

  • D3v0r4h:

    No no no no no she can’t stay with him. Turn him in. He may have some kind of petifile. That shit ain’t right. Oh no…. oh no….. no no no no no no no no……

  • 2mariebl:

    Thats some scandalous shit.
    It does seem like she cared more for that nasty ass sick man then her sister.

  • 1SexySista:

    Girl, have you thought about how you would feel if this ass tries this again and succeeds? Maybe your sister wouldn’t tell you, because she thinks ” it’s not going to matter anyway, she’s still gonna stay with him”. This situation is so damaging, don’t subject your family, and yourself to this ass anymore!!! You have the strength to leave this situation!! Pray for God to order your steps and move around!! Don’t take a chance on something happening to your sister. Good luck.

  • monimom3:

    I agree. This is a deal breaker. Leave his sick ass!!

  • CocoWonderWoman:

    This is a sad situation but we as women must learn to love ourselves more than the idea of having a man in our lives…Please trust and believe if he tried to get with your sister he has tried and had success with others. Every man is not husband material…and attempting to have sex with a child is a deal breaker. Let it be my child or someone that I hold dear to my heart and you will be hearing about it on the 10 o’clock news!

  • 719kai719:

    I would leave him!

  • basbleupeaunoire:

    LEAVE THAT PERVERT. The little sister is probably scared to press charges, too, because of her sister still being with that guy.

  • shebad10:

    I know its easier said than done but i would have left and got a divorce bcuz i would feel that no kid in my family be it girl or boy would not be safe around him. He’s a true pedophile/pervert. Even if her siser looks older than her age he STILL knew that was15. Its an insult to her sister for her to have went back to her husband. GIRLLLL im sitting here getting mad cuz I have a 17 yr old daughter and I will seriously hurt somebody, thats if the men in my family dont get to his ass first!!!

  • cutts57:

    it is time to heat up some grits!! She needs to stay gone and keep him away from her sister.

  • untrouble316:

    i cant tell u to leave your husband but i need u to think. u been married 12 years your sister was 15 at the time. so this man has been watching this child grow up in front of him. but the question is what has he been seeing? it has not been a child growing up. its been more like an oppurtinity waiting to happen. if he can watch your sister grow from an innocent baby and still harbor lust for her . then ped is running deep within him. some can harbor it in for life others must strike.

  • HelpMamaRemote:

    Wow. She know he can’t be trusted with anyone.

  • pearshape11:

    What love have to do with it. She needs to move on and run to see a theripst. Why would she go back to a man that does that.

  • Scene68:

    it wouldnt be me. 911 wouldve been on the speed dial trying hard to restrain myself from taking a bat and beating the hell outta of him.

  • ilovethedarq:

    LOL your husband is soooo funny BTW!!! You guys must have alot of laughs!

  • ilovethedarq:

    This story sounds vaguely familiar. At any rate…uhh the sister is 15. Sounds like attempted sexual assault on a minor to me!

  • southland34j:

    If he’ll try that with her he’ll do that with anyone he (the husband ) has no boundaries

  • trippinrooster:

    Intresting. I liked it.

  • BrokenInTheBox:


  • doncewa:

    Wow. That was a strange film. I really enjoyed it.

  • cruzallen1:

    it was a great movie……gale harold your d best…i miss qaf

  • RRandAMProductions:

    is the game alan wake based on this

  • cocoapassion0509:

    That was a weird movie. Glad it was free!

  • jameboston:


  • GuillaumeSL:

    Loved it.

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