Question by Nae A, RVT: Why does my cat love my husband more than me?
My cat is the most beautiful sweetest girl…to my husband. She makes biscuits on his belly and rubs her face on his. I am the one who feeds her & cleans her box and spoils her rotten. She just won’t let me love on her NEARLY as much, and she usually bites me when I pet her. What is her deal? I have always had female cats and I feel they are usually more loving toward human males than to females. Has anyone else had experience with this issue? Advice?

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Answer by Mr_randomness
Theres really no way to fix a cats behavior.
They like a certain personality your husband has and maybe the fact that female cats like male people most of the time.
i have experienced this my girlfriends female cat like me more then she likes her.

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4 Responses to “Why does my cat love my husband more than me?”

  • TM:

    Cats pick their humans. We have several cats at my house and they all have their favorites picked. They also like different people for different things. We have a cat that loves to play with my brother but anytime I sit down he’s in my lap. If I try to play with him he turns around and walks away, but he cries at my door when he wants affection.

  • Lady:

    Our cat acts very different to my boyfriend than she does to me. When I am home and he is not she climbs on the furniture, tries to knock stuff down, gets into things, but when he is home and I am not she sleeps quietly with him. I think what you might want to do is to not try so hard to get her affection, just let her come to you in her own way and time. Cats can be very fickle, so just let her be the way she is, next month she might like you more.

  • mebekili:

    Cats tend to pick a “primary” human…. one they bond to more than any other…. and there’s no way to tell who they’ll do that with, and really not much rhyme nor reason to it…. they just tend to pick who they pick. The flip side of this is that if you get a 2nd cat, since your husband is “taken” (cat owned already), it would likely bond closer to you than to him…. and 2 cats is a good idea anyway since when you’re not home they’d have each other.

    I adopted 2 kittens out to friends of mine about a year ago. One of them always ends up in the wife’s lap, the other in the husband’s…. no matter who’s cleaning up after them or feeding them…. both cats are highly affectionate lap cats and male…. but they have their own preferred human and that’s simply that…. they both TOLERATE the other human, but just aren’t as bonded to them.

    I have 3 cats, one sits in my lap as much as is possible.. if I’m on the sofa there’s a 90% chance he’s in my lap… the other 2 vary in degrees of tolerance for the human…. but that’s in large part because my lap was already “claimed” when then arrived…. so one sits on the other end of the sofa and one by my feet with her snout in my sneaker…. but neither will get closer…. because they view me as owned by the other cat.

    They’re funny beasties, with distinct personalities and they simply bond with one person and expect that person to bond with one cat, and they’re not all that big on sharing.

    You may seriously want to consider adopting a 2nd cat, there’s a very, very high chance that one will make YOU their primary human, particularly since your husband is already “taken”.

  • Sue C:

    In answer to your first question, your cat loves your husband more because she does. Cats pick their favorite people based on cat logic – which has nothing to do with human logic. Two, do not let her bite you. It’s a bad habit and one you don’t want to encourage. I recommend starting with a sharp “no” and stop interacting with her – sort of kitty time-out. These websites have some info you might find useful:
    My experience on the issue of cats choosing their favorite human goes back years. They just do. My brother moved in with me last year and just this past couple of weeks, “my” Aby has decided he may touch her fur occasionally and not for more than a pet or two. She picked me out – I wanted one of her brothers, but I got out-voted. She’s mine and I am hers. Advice? Don’t try to equate what you do for her with how loving she “should” be to you. Enjoy her as much as you can and accept she is your husband’s cat. purrs

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